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2022 Bios

Taylor Mendell

Since moving back to Vermont about 10 years ago, Taylor and her husband Jake, have worked Footprint Farm to provide high quality pork and organic veggies to the surrounding communities. They have over 100 subscribers to their coordinated CSA, as well as a presence at the Shelburne Farmers Market and in local restaurants. Taylor stands out when it comes to community involvement and young farmer advocacy. She is always willing to share her knowledge or offer assistance to farmers, service providers and consumers. Taylor is on the Board of Vermont’s National Young Farmer Coalition chapter and documents her experiences on her personal website:

Eric Paris
Eric and his family have deep dairy roots in the Lyndon area. Which started as a conventional dairy farm in 1988, Eric transitioned the farm to organic and continued to diversity the family business. In 2005 Eric started a commercial composting operation which has grown to greatly benefit the community by accepting food waste as part of Act 148. Using an aerated static pile composting system, Eric was able to double intake, now accepting 400 tons of annual food waste! Aside from selling compost, the farm also sells grass-fed organic dairy and beef, owns and operates the Lyndonville Friegthouse and founded the Lyndon Farmers Market in 2011. Eric was a selectman for the town of Lyndon from 2003-2006, currently a representative to the county FSA/USDA and serves as Vice President of the Lyndon Historical Society.

Paul Percy
Over the last 40 years, Paul has been the longest tenured director of Agri-mark. In those 37 years (1980-2011, 2015-2021) Paul has been part of every major decision the cooperative has been faced with. His insight and knowledge is second to none! He has helped shape and groom the next generation of coop leaders as he is more than willing to share every bit of information one might need to be successful. In his devotion to his farming community he also served as an officer and member of the New England Dairy Promotion Board and remains the Town of Stowe’s Lister. To sum up Paul, he is quoted, “I like working with the cattle. I like working with the crops. I like the challenges. I like being involved in the co-op and meeting people. I think I can have an impact. I enjoy it. I guess that’s what’s important, isn’t it?” It goes without saying, yes, that is what’s important!

Jackie Folsom
Jackie has spent nearly the last 40 years truly dedicated to Vermont agriculture. Her vast involvement includes all types of farm chores, ag promotion, advocacy, education and role modeling. Her long career holds the trust of many Vermonters as she worked tirelessly with farmers and legislatures in policy development and reform. Most know Jackie for her more recent roles as the manager for the Vermont Farm Show and passionate involvement in Washington County’s Farm Bureau. Jackie has spent her most recent years lobbying for the Vermont Farm Bureau where she will be greatly missed in her planned retirement this year.

Senator Robert "Bobby" Starr
Bobby began service in the VT House in 1985 and was then elected to the VT Senate in 2005, chairing the Agricultural committee in both. Bobby has also chaired the Senate Education committee and currently serves on the Senate Appropriations committee. His leadership in issues addressing water quality, land use, dairy policy and education have been paramount for Vermont farmers, especially dairy farmers. Working closely with U.S. Senator Leahy, Bobby was instrumental in development of the Regional Dairy Compact which afforded Vermont farmers six years of milk price stability. His ongoing efforts behind the scenes provided significant influence at the federal level on many issues of milk pricing policy. In 1998 Bobby began his support of the development of the 2+2 UVM/VTC scholarship program for students studying dairy management. 2+2 has developed into a permanently funded program supporting Vermont students entering careers in dairy management and dairy related businesses and services.
Bobby is well loved by the farming community for his efforts and reachability. He is always
willing to lend his ears to an issue even if the call is coming from outside Orleans County!

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